Washi Tape Advent Calendar 2019

It's time to get into the holiday spirit!

Celebrate the approaching holiday season with our innovative advent calendar, new for 2019. Filled with a diverse range of beautiful washi tapes, this advent calendar is perfectly suited to people of all ages who love writing, crafting, and decorating.

Washi tapes are a type of decorative self adhesive paper tape used in bullet journalling, scrapbooking, card-making, crafting, and decorating objects, although with a little imagination its uses are almost unlimited! Whether you just want to add a frame or border around some writing or a picture, brighten up your planner, or add some decoration to a plain pen pot, the possibilities are endless. The term "washi" is derived from wa which means Japanese and shi which means paper. Authentic washi tape is made from mixed long-fibres obtained from renewable sources (plants), is generally stronger than paper made from wood pulp, and often has a translucent texture. Being a paper tape it is tearable so scissors are not necessary - safer for young children! You can also write on it, except areas that have been printed with metallic foil, so it is brilliant for titles and headers. Washi tape has a low-tack adhesive (similar to masking tape) so it can easily be repositioned.

ScribbleBox Advent Calendar 2019 - Front

This calendar is filled with some of our favourite designs of washi tapes. It includes several decorative Christmas designs together with a wide selection of other designs that will enhance your creations throughout the year. They are not just samples with a short length on each roll. Behind each of the 25 easy-to-open doors is one or more full rolls of quality washi tape, with a combined length of just under 300m!

ScribbleBox Advent Calendar 2019 - Door

Our advent calendar is very green, and that's not just the colour of the calendar's back!

ScribbleBox Advent Calendar 2019 - Back

We care about the environment. Other than some shrink wrap for protection, our advent calendar is made entirely from card/cardboard and can be fully recycled. Even the washi tapes are paper and the cores of the rolls are all cardboard (except one).

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Warning - Spoilers!

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